Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Enjoying it while it lasts

2 weeks from today I'm back in the saddle with class, taking a single class that meets twice a week for 3 hours a pop. 8 weeks. It's very busy but it's nice knocking out a class so quickly.

Tomorrow is #1's last day of kindergarten. Wow. That has gone so fast and it has been amazing to see how much progress has occurred. It is exciting.

The better half went to check out a concert last night, The Kooks. Sounds like it was good although there hasn't been much time to debrief on it. I also saw Seven Mary Three Friday night. I would write a detailed review but it was a pretty standard setlist. Highlights of the evening include a phony ski hill, hanging out with some fans that I've only met briefly before and the scantily clad waitress who decided she needed to take her shirt half off and dance on top of one of the stacks of speakers. I'm not sure why she took it only half off. To quote my friend JTB, "If you're going to be a skank, BE A SKANK!"

I'll leave with a joke that is pretty much exactly the opposite of the skank incident above.

The golf course was haunted by a malicious, evil leprechaun who exploited the ambitions of the poorer players.

He popped up beside one unfortunate man who was participating in a club competition. "Look," he said, "if you agree never to court a woman, flirt with a girl or marry, I'll help you win." "Done," shouted the young golfer.

The leprechaun was very pleased with conniving ways, and chuckled merrily. When the golfer was in the clubhouse being praised by the other members, the leprechaun popped up on the shelf of the locker.

"Hey," said the little elf, "I have to have your name for my records. What is it?"

"Father Murphy," grinned the golfer as he adjusted his Roman collar.

Song lyric of the day "Time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping, into the future" Steve Miller Band

Until next time.



VENTL8R said...

HA! Classic JTB

Shel said...

I can't believe kindergarten is over! That went way too fast!

Anonymous said...

"If you're going to be a skank, BE A SKANK!"

That needs to be on a tee-shirt!!!