Thursday, April 17, 2008

Vote for Pedro

Better half found a hilarious quote for me on one of those quote a day calendars. As I've said before, I'm a huge baseball fan and one of my all time favorites is a player named Pedro Martinez. Now old Petey is a little flamboyant (see jerry curl for evidence) and he really showed it during this quote when he discussed his difficulty in finding his groove on the mound during a game:

"I'll find it eventually. I do things differently. I play with myself up there and eventually I'll find it..."

I love me some Pedro!

For the first time ever, I actually got up and left class during the middle of a session last night (it was actually at a break). It wasn't that I stormed out or anything. It was just that I don't believe I have ever been more bored in my entire life. A complete waste of time. Our instructor is a passionate teacher but he cannot manage a discussion for the life of him. As a result, some of the more verbose members of the class take discussions in pointless and rambling directions, completely off topic. And so it went last night. On. And on. And on. Finally, after deciding we would break about 20 minutes late, I decided I couldn't sit through the last hour and told the teacher I wasn't feeling well and left. Ugh! Only 3 weeks left, thank goodness.

Song lyric of the day "I touch myself" The Divinyls

Until next time.



Anonymous said...

Ah, Pedro. That's good stuff

Ace said...

Glad you like, I sure hope the Mets beat the Bosox in the WS so I can see you sporting that jerry curl wig baby!

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. Not so fast my will look much better in the Manny jersey with the dreads going under your bo sox cap!