Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Baby time!

Congrats to D&M on welcoming little CJ to the world. Welcome to the club, life is going to change in a hurry! It really is amazing how much change occurs when you have your first. Suddenly you're thinking about someone besides yourself and your significant other first. That's a thought for a whole different post.

School wise, I signed up for one course this summer. I may do more but have some legwork to do first. Turns out I'm not enrolled in the graduate program after all, simply the teacher certification program. D'0h! So, I need to apply, get accepted, take the GRE, blah blah blah. I really need to do it quickly. I was pretty disappointed when I figured this out, it was my own confusion and stupidity. As far as this semester, I'm down to 3 more weeks. I can't believe how quickly it's coming.

A few musical notes - the Seven Mary Three show I intended to see recently was cancelled due to a medical emergency within the band. Here's hoping for a speedy recovery to health. Also, Flight of the Conchords are going on tour and I can't wait! I'm thankful that I was able to get tickets, they have been a hot seller!

Soccer starts tonight with a practice, everything up to this point has been cancelled due to poor weather. Except pictures, so I got to meet all the kids for pictures but it was very brief. Should be fun, weather is finally turning nice!

Song lyric of the day "School's out for the summer!" Alice Cooper

Until next time.


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BT said...

Ah, the soccer field. Orange wedges, Gatorade and good times ahead...