Thursday, March 6, 2008

California Dreamin'

This week found your dearest blogger travelling to Northern California for work - a meeting and dinner, in and out in a heartbeat. Travelling from the midwest to the sunshine and 75 degrees was great. A lot of air travel for little time but it was definitely worth it. I must say, San Fran (and particularly just north of there in Marin and Mendocino Counties) is my favorite place I've visited. My first jaunt out there came when our friends Babou and Rachelle were married in Mendocino County at a small bed and breakfast. It was really quite fantastic. I've been back probably a dozen times since (mostly because I have a client I visit in SF) and always love it. Too bad you have to win the lottery to afford to live there, crazy stuff. Dinner was disappointing as we had to keep it close to our meeting location to placate the heavy hitter we were meeting with. The food was meh and it may have been the single most boring dinner I've ever attended. Oh well, it was free, which is my favorite price.
I've been very busy between Orlando, catching up at work, off to California, another client meeting next week (although local). Then I'm off to Vegas for several days, back home and off to Philadelphia for another client meeting, then another meeting the week after in North Carolina. Crazy!
Thankfully, last night was my last class for a couple weeks since spring break has just begun (thus, the Vegas trip). I do have a couple things to finish up this weekend school-related before I jet off to NV. But all is going quite well school-wise.
I know I promised an update on the Florida trip. I'll try to get to it before leaving for Vegas.
Today's lyric of the day:
"Big old jet airliner, carry me to my home" - Steve Miller Band
Until next time.


Nadine Hightower said...

Well then with all work trips...I'm so glad you spent time with the family.

Be safe!

ventl8r said...

I've been to Vegas twice for business.....such a bizare place compared to our comfy Midwest roots. I did see Blue Man Group while I was out there, however. FABulous show! Looks like I'll be in Chicago the end of April for a business trip. Don't know the details yet but maybe we can meet up somewhere?

Ace said...

That would be awesome Tree, keep me posted on your details.