Monday, December 22, 2008

Holiday greetings

Happy holidays my friends. I hope this message finds everyone in earnest preparation for time spent with loved ones. I know we will only have a brief amount of time with the family but I'm sure it will be great. The kids are hard at work making their lists of desired gifts from the fat dude in the red suit (Santa, not me).

In the meantime, I already received my grade for this semester and I'm pleased to report I backed my way into an A. Not bad! Now I get to take a deep breath and get ready for a semester with two classes, I'm sure I'll be running ragged! They're also not the most exciting of topics but they need to be done.

I have not been quite as productive as I would have hoped thus far with my break. But, that is largely due to about 8 million hours of shoveling snow. That should change shortly since tomorrow is my last day of work this year, thanks to expiring vacation that must be used. Good stuff, hoping to get some lingering projects knocked out.

And finally, I must lament the end of fantasy football season. I got smoked in my one championship game that I made so I finished in the money in only 1 of 3 leagues this year. And, my favorite NFL team got beat yesterday when they were tackled about 6 inches from the end zone as time expired, essentially ending their season. Ugh! Is it baseball season yet?

Song lyric of the day "Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rocks"

Until next time.



Nadine Hightower said...

Merry Christmas back atcha Babe!

Shel said...

Merry Christmas!!!! Did you see my picture of Santa? He came to see me at the office last week - it was wicked sweet!!!!!