Thursday, September 20, 2007

I'm a glutton

Apparently, in my quest to absolutely destroy myself, I've decided I need another class this semester. So, here I go, signed up for a Shakespeare class. The smart thing is that I signed up about 3 weeks late so I'm already way behind! Yipppeeee! So, this course entails reading 8 plays and doing some papers and other assorted craziness. It should be good since I haven't done a ton of work with the ole bard. Unfortunately, I'll just be cramming my way through it. It looks like it's going to be that way for the next year until I get to my student teaching. My application for student teaching is due tomorrow even though I don't actually start until next fall - pretty crazy.

My other coursework is going ok. I have begun my work at a local high school, assisting a teacher who has 3 remedial reading classes and 2 English classes. It is quite a difficult challenge for this teacher, I don't know how she does it. So far the only thing they have done since I've been there is standardized testing so I'm hoping to actually see some classroom instruction in the next couple weeks. Then I'll be on to my middle school, which fortunately is very close to my home. The high school is about an hour away so it'll be nice to have something so close.

I'm definitely starting to get a taste for it and it's more than just the romantic visions one conjures up before attempting a new task. I do see it as a noble undertaking though and think that my early impressions, while a little scary, are galvanizing my resolve to take this direction.

Other assorted news and notes:

Congrats to K & R who have discovered they will be having a little girl in January. It will be their third, welcome to the madness.

Our own little guy is now officially walking, taking his first steps last week. Lock up the women and children!

Schooling is going well for our other 2 monkeys after some early trepidation.

Fantasy update - it looks like I wrapped up 3rd in both baseball leagues. That should turn out to be profitable! Back to reality in football as I went 1-2 this past week, although the taters are the highest scoring team in the league. Here are current records:

Boom Kings 1-1
Come On Sucker Lick My Battery 1-1
Nice Guy Dick-Taters 2-0

Off to see 3:10 to Yuma tonight, I'm very psyched to check this film out as a big fan of most of the modern westerns.

Until next time.



Anonymous said...

Thou art a glutton indeed.

Let me know how that movie is.

Ace said...

Movie was good but I didn't like the ending. I'll try to write a little more in it in a post later this week!