Thursday, July 19, 2007

Random Musings and a Limerick

Thought I'd provide a quick update on things.

After tonight, I have 5 weeks in the books in my eight week semester. Thanks to the wonders and teachings of my stats class, I think that puts me about 62.5% of the way done with the semester. But, truth be told, one of my classes essentially ends a week early so I've got to be damn near 65% or so - woooohoooo! I have a big project due Tuesday and should be able to keep up from there.

A few observations: I never used crib notes before to skip reading but that has turned out to be essential for my lit class. I have been able to skip a couple readings and still keep up by using the crib notes (or sparknotes, as they are known online). Feels a little weird and I'm a little guilted about it but I suspect I'll get over it :-)

Our home has been taken over by Harry Potter mania. The better half checked out the movie last weekend and is getting the book tomorrow. A town nearby gets nuts and decorates their entire downtown like the town where the books are set. People are in costume and it all leads up to the opening of the doors to the bookstore at midnight where people get the newly released book. It's really kinda like a Star Trek convention or something similar, not that I've ever been to either actually. Anywho, if I wake up with a lightning bolt on my forehead, babe, you'll know what happened.

Musical notes - the better half is journeying to see Rocco DeLuca this weekend. I'm looking fwd to hearing about it.

I'm really digging Hey There Delilah by Plain White T's. Very catchy little ditty, although I suspect I may not quite be in their target demo.

Smashing Pumpkins - holy smokes! great new CD, I will review it here shortly. Good to have them back (at least those who most likely played their own instruments).

Possibly the worst song I've ever heard - The Editors - Smokers Outside the Hospital Doors. Man this song sucks. Heard it a couple times on XM and just couldn't take it any more.

Other - big poker tourney this weekend, my first social event since weekend before 4th of July. Looking forward to a good performance, I'm high in the standings in this poker league on the strength of a 3rd place finish in our last event.

And I've signed up for a triathlon, takes place in a couple weeks. Someone who participated previously said it's very easy as far as triathlons go so I'm hoping it will be good. I've done a pretty mediocre job of staying on top of the running since class has started so this will keep me motivated.

OK, enough of my nonsense. Bring on the limerick!!!!

Said Miss Farrow, on one of her larks,
'Sex is more fun in bed than in parks.
You feel more at ease;
Your butt doesn't freeze
And passers-by don't make remarks.'
Until next time.


VENTL8R said...


Ace said...

Is the WTF in regards to the limerick? I thought it was kinda funny...

Duch said...

Check out the song "Munich" by Editors. I got it for free from I-Tunes and dig it. Never listened to anything else of theirs though.

Nadine Hightower said...

I was listenin' to the radio the day and heard a song I knew but it didn't sound like the orginal...Led Zep...Thank YOU but it was being sung by Tesla!! Apparently they have a "Tribute" album out....honestly that is just sooooo lazy! I really hate it when other groups do the oldies. Have some backbone and write your own!! I like Tesla but Come On!
And you have a friend of a friend that hunted with Ted????? May I touch you????

Good luck with the triathlon. I have a friend that married a young lady that does the IronManComps...she is awesome! She whipped him into shape and he follows her in some of the races. She really loves it!

Have a great weekend!

Ace said...

While I appreciate the offer to listen to another Editors song, I believe I'll pass. If I happen upon one on the radio, I will give it another listen but def not going out of my way.

Ace said...

Wooohoooo Tesla!!!! Seen them a few times, back in my mullet having days. Thankfully, those days are gone.

Apparently quite a Teddy fan there - especially if it would move you to actually want to touch me.

Thx for the good wishes on the triathlon, it's going to be ugly, even though it's a mini-triathlon. I am not training as much as I need to.

VENTL8R said...

Yes, the "WTF" was for the limerick. It was funny, though....albeit a tad strange.

Hey DUCH!!!

Anonymous said...

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