Monday, July 9, 2007

One funny little story from my statistics class. During a recent session, our teacher was trying to show everyone how to perform certain formulae using our scientific calculators. Of course, everyone has a different kind of calculator so we spent 20 minutes going around the room with people trying to figure out how their's worked (this was clearly a brilliant use of time).

One of the girls in the class, who is an undergrad, probably a freshman or sophomore, is sitting on the opposite side of the room from me. She's struggling to figure out how to use hers and asks the girl next to her, who has no idea. She looks all the way across the room at me and says "You look like a wise man, can you help me?" WHAT??????? Wow, I really am that old, aren't I? Of course, I look like a total boob when I have no idea how to use the calculator. But, obviously this was just a ploy because she wanted me - it's difficult to be this sexy.

Things are crazy, turned in a paper last night, have a math test tonight and a big project due Tuesday that I've thankfully completed. I have a few other assignments to do this week as well, a mid-term to do this week and 2 more projects for my research class. 38% of the way done with the semester! Not happy that I will not be able to watch the Major League Baseball All-Star game.

Saturday was my oldest child's fifth birthday. Wow, I really am that old, aren't I? There were a couple times during the day where I am sure I have never been happier in my life. The big gift was a new bike (dubbed "fally bike" since it has no training wheels, this kid is brilliant!). I spent a good 45 minutes running up and down the street next to the bike as Kid 1 learned how to keep balance. I don't know the last time I've had as much fun, a very rewarding time - plus I got some good exercise! The other moment was during the bday party at the community pool. There was a gigantic water slide that wasn't very steep but was very high and dumped into an area of the pool that was about up to Kid 1's shoulders. I thought there was no way Kid 1 would go down this slide. There was a little hesitation but the monkey did it! After 2 trips down with dad in tow, I was told "Dad, I'm going to go down the slide one hundred times!" I don't think we quite hit triple digits, but many trips down the slide were made. Very proud of the courage of the little one. Lots of fun again, we moved the party to a neighbor's pool and kept at it til 10 pm. What a fun day, definitely worth all the stress and strain that sometimes comes with being a parent.

Until next time.



Fireball said...

Sounds like a great time my friend! Belated birthday wishes to the birthday girl...hard to believe, 5 years already...WOW.

Ace said...

Will pass along the bday wishes - time flies, seems only yesterday I was speeding to the hospital for the birth.

VENTL8R said...

Statisics? FUN?!?! Have you gone MAD??

That is one class I will surely avaoid like the plague. And you're not old, Boo, you have "life experience." *snicker*

Ace said...

Well, trust me, the only reason I am taking the class is that I needed a math course and it's the only one that fit my schedule. It definitely does not qualify as fun but it is pretty easy. Guess I'll see for sure when I get results of the test tonight.

And thanks for that reassurance, I feel much better now -rolls eyes-

Mark Kehe said...
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Lazlow said...

Well if you're old where does that leave me.... That's right, several days older than dirt. Good to hear things are going well. One of these days we'll have to catch up but until then I'll just lurk around ;-)

Ace said...

Sounds good to me my friend, great to hear from you! And that leaves you several years older than me gramps.