Thursday, June 28, 2007

Into the thick of it

Crikey, tonight marks the end of my first 2 weeks back in school. It's going very fast.

First observation, it's a very good thing I am taking a math class this semester. My six week semester is actually eight weeks long, apparently I need some help with basic counting skills. So, I'm almost a quarter of the way done already!

Second observation, my stats (palindrome alert) class is not really all that difficult. I took some Six Sigma courses at work and much of the material we are covering in this class. Last night I spent 2 romantic hours with my good friend the standard deviation equation - you complex bastard you! - and came out a winner. The teacher lets us use our homework during the quizzes and there is a formula cheat sheet we're allowed to use during tests. We won't have the first test until after July 4th but I think I'm in ok shape so far in this class.

I will say that I am falling a bit behind in my lit class, keeping up with the reading is proving to be pretty difficult, especially when what you are reading was written roughly 500 years ago. Old Jeff Chaucer was one ribaldrous fellow it appears, or at least his Wife of Bath sure is. Anyhow, I expect to spend some major time over the next several days reading and writing for this course. Anyone have any cliff notes comparing Beowulf to the Star Wars trilogy? Yeah, you know you love it!

My other class is teaching us methods of research. It's not the most riveting topic but the teacher is quite a trip. I swear they plucked him straight out of the movie Snatch. From South England, he is a bundle of boundless energy and I literally spent my entire last class laughing at his antics.

This class is held in the library and on the way to our classroom we pass a bank of PCs that the community is allowed to use. There were a group of kids about high school freshman age at these PCs watching porn. Now I'm not talking about your mild, show your rack, could almost be on the cover of Maxim porn. I'm talking hardcore stuff that I won't even begin to describe. Crazy!!!! Apparently, there's some sort of freedom issue where they're allowed to do this. So one girl comes into the class and says they should be stopped or something to that effect. Teach explains they can't and then proceeds to spend the next 2 1/2 hours every so often teasing the girl for being a prude and into porn and stuff like that. It was all good natured and pretty funny. He tends to do something like that so far in each class and I'm usually laughing the whole time.

I haven't seen any grades yet from this class so I'm not sure how difficult it will be. I am sure that there will be a pretty hefty amount of work to do with this one. I expect this will actually help quite a bit with future classes though and I am pretty happy about that.

All in all, I'm keeping my head above water and looking forward already to the break between summer and fall semester. For the fall, I've submitted my requests for schools to be placed in for my 2 clinical studies courses and signed up for another Lit class I need to finish as a pre-req. I am still trying to determine if I will take one more class. I think I will but need to finalize. Wow that's going to be nuts.

A strange thing - in a couple of instances, I've tried to sign up for classes and they've already been filled. Since I'm on such an accelerated program, I've typically found myself asking around various administrators and teachers to see if they can squeeze me into the class. Each time I've been able to get in. Psychologically, it's always been a bit of a rush to get into something that theoretically I should not have been able to. I guess we always want something more when we can't have it. I'm not sure if that really applies to me in general but certainly so in these cases.

Should have plenty to report on early next week as it's going to be a full weekend.

Until next time...



woldog said...

I have to admit that people that circumvent the standard processes and prove it's who you know, not what you know, that counts are quite annoying. And those sicko kids should get a room.

Ace said...

Update on our friends the porn watchers. When I went back to my next class 2 days later, same kids sitting at the same PCs watching the same hardcore porn.

Apparently someone got campus security this time around, not sure of the outcome. Guess I'll find out Thursday when I head back to class!