Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Caught with my pants down - almost!

So I forgot one little tidbit about the 5k I ran in on Sunday.

When running, I usually wear these shorts that are typical athletic shorts - lightweight, drawstring, run of the mill shorts. So Sunday am, as I'm preparing to go to the race, I grab a pair and put them on and a typical t-shirt.

I start the race and 3 steps into the race, they start to sag. Just slipping down from the jostling of the running. I grab the drawstring and tighten them up as much as I can. 3 more steps and they start falling. Tighten the drawstring again, they start falling again. Great! Well, I sure as heck don't want to stop running. And I definitely don't want to subject the several hundred others participating to a wardrobe malfunction. So, I grab the drawstring up in my left hand and proceed to complete the entire race holding my shorts up by the drawstring. Sheesh!

The shorts were disposed of immediately upon my return home.


Shel said...

Were they the trout shorts? I hear you still have them!

Chris said...

Damn, Spanks beat me to the Trout comment. I think ALL involved, both in the run and those with a working imagination, are glad things worked out for the better...*shudder*

Christie said...

Thats hilarious!! Really made me LOL and I really needed a good laugh :)